Spotlight - Linkathon 2

Another short post this week, this time due to a bout with the cold that left me both physically and creatively drained. A poor excuse, perhaps, but at least I can introduce my--hopefully growing--readership to some really interesting articles and features I've stumbled across online the last few weeks.

33 Shocking Facts That Will Change How You Picture History - The Cracked editorial staff has used their PhotoShop-centric "Photoplasty" feature primarily for laughs since debuting it a couple years ago, but over the last few months they've experimented with using it as a kind of direct-impact delivery system for at times jaw-dropping fact. The one linked here, posted just today, is maybe the best example I've seen far. The one about the Vietnam War protests, which I won't spoil here, may have thrown me for the biggest loop.

Twelve Great Opening Shots - I adore the Criterion Collection. For those unfamiliar with the imprint, the Criterion Collection puts out top-notch, definitive physical (and, increasingly, digital) releases of both art house and mainstream films. When not crafting absolutely stunning Blu Ray and DVDs (seriously, just glance over this page and check out the custom cover art), they're writing and posting genuinely interesting essays and lists on their website. I highly recommend you check out the one above, which appeals to my love of mise-en-scene.

EA Cuts Ties with Gun Manufacturers - A short news piece by Patrick Klepek of Giant Bomb, but an eye-opener regardless. I'm glad EA is being a little more socially responsible and cutting ties, but I'm still weirded out those ties even existed in the first place. I don't have much to say about this, other than that it leads well into...

5 Mind-Blowing Facts Nobody Told You About Guns - It seems cheap/lazy to refer to Cracked twice in the same article, but I insist you read Jack O'Brien and David Wong's essay.  And when I say read it, I mean the entire thing. Don't just glance at the subheading titles and go "Yeah, just as I thought." As with everything important I've learned in life, the truth is complex, and guns and gun usage are certainly no exception.

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